DC motor control

The high current operation of the latest bipolar transistors from Zetex Semiconductors meets all the performance requirements of DC motor control.

Provided in the SOT89 package, the company says that they are also a more cost effective alternative to much larger packaged parts.

With a collector-emitter voltage of 60V, the ZX5T851Z NPN and ZX5T951Z PNP devices can withstand the voltage demands of medium power motor drive circuits. Their high current gain hold-up characteristics accommodate stall currents and the bipolars’ low saturation voltages ensure on-state losses are kept to a minimum.

The equivalent on-resistance of the NPN and PNP transistors is respectively 30mOhm at 6A and 32mOhm at 5A. The NPN can handle a continuous current of 5A and a peak current up to 20A. The equivalent figures for the PNP are 4.3A and 15A. The high gain characteristics of the two transistors are specified up to 10A.

The transistors’ 4.4mm x 4.0mm PCB footprint and power dissipation capability of 2.1W means these SOT89 packaged bipolars offer a viable alternative to traditional SOT223 and DPAK packaged parts and obey the trend towards cost and space reduction in DC motor drive circuitry.

The ZX5T851Z and ZX5T951Z from Zetex are just two devices from a series of eight new SOT89 packaged transistors covering a VCEO range from 25V to 140V and meeting the requirements of a range of high current circuits, including DC motor control, emergency lighting and automotive load driving.

The price of the ZX5T851Z and ZX5T951Z through distributors is $0.24 in 10K piece quantities.

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