DC/DC controllers

Texas Instruments has released a family of multi-phase synchronous DC/DC buck controllers targeting designers of 40A to 120A power supplies.

The TPS4009x family of programmable controllers manage two-, three- or four-phases and offer several advantages over a single power stage, including lower current ripple on the input and output capacitors, faster transient response to load steps and improved power handling capabilities at greater than 90% power efficiency.

The devices can operate each phase at a switching frequency up to 1 MHz, resulting in effective ripple frequency of up to 4 MHz at the input and output in a four-phase application.

The new controllers provide single-cycle current balance that is accurate to less than five percent. Cycle-by-cycle current sharing in output phases over the entire load allows for minimal over-sizing of output FETs.

For added protection of the entire system, the TPS4009x devices include current sense fault protection, programmable over current protection and individual phase current detection. In addition, a simple, adjustable voltage threshold sets current limit up to 200A.

The TPS4009x DC/DC controllers are available in volume from TI and its authorised distributors. Packaged in a 24-pin TSSOP, suggested resale pricing is $1.79 each in quantities of 1,000.