DC/DC converters

Artesyn Technologies has launched two high-current, point-of-load DC/DC converters for powering Intel’s Xeon and Pentium 4 processors.

The NXI100 and NXI150 non-isolated, point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converters are capable of delivering up to 75A continuous, 81A peak at a user-programmable voltage from 1.10V to 1.85V using standard 5-bit VID (voltage identification) codes. Both operate from a nominal 12V input.

Multi-phase synchronous rectification techniques, with interleaving to achieve a switching frequency of 1MHz, maximizes power conversion performance and ensures a fast transient response.

The converters have typical efficiencies of 85 to 87%, and accommodate load transients of up to 50A/us with full recovery in less than 50us.

Multiple converters can be paralleled for very high current applications, using an active current sharingcircuit to maintain current balance under both static and dynamic load conditions. This approach to current sharing obviates the need for expensive master/slave configurations.

The NXI150 and NXI100 converters have no minimum load requirement, are protected againstunder-voltage and short-circuit conditions, and have an operational temperature range of 0 to +60 degrees C ambient. An enhanced ‘power good’ feature improves system reliability by monitoring the output voltage and each phase of the converter for correct operation, and differential remote sense facilities are provided for improved load regulation. The converters additionally offer a remote on/off facility.

When mounted on a motherboard, the NXI150 occupies an area of less than 2.2in2 and extends vertically by 2.6 inches. The NXI100 occupies an area of less than 3.2in2 and has a height of 1.15 inches.

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