DD development time reduced

The HART Communication Foundation (HCF) has released a new Development Environment that could reduce the time it takes to write and test a typical HART Device Description by as much as 30-40%.

The HART Communication Foundation (HCF) has released its new Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE).

The new HCF standard DD-IDE tool suite is a set of integrated software tools for the development, testing and maintenance of Device Descriptions (DDs).

‘The new Integrated Development Environment reduces the time it takes to develop a typical HART Device Description by as much as 30-40%,’ said HCF Chief Engineer Wally Pratt.

‘The DD-IDE simplifies and streamlines the DD development process with an integrated tool suite to support rapid edit-build-test cycles allowing the developer to test new scenarios quickly and efficiently,’ he added.

The new HART DD-IDE supports the DD development cycle with automation of routine DD development tasks and enhanced visualization features to simplify maintenance and re-learning of existing DDs.

Key components of the new DD-IDE are a DDL knowledge editor with wizards and search capability, sample DDs, an improved DDL Tokenizer, the XMTR-DD device simulator and the new SDC-625 Smart Device Configurator for DD validation and testing.

DDL is the HART standard and the only technology endorsed by HCF for configuration of HART devices. In March 2004, DDL was unanimously approved as an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission – IEC 61804-2, EDDL.