Dedicated twelve-pulse module

Alstom Power Conversion has launched a twelve-pulse unit that has been designed specifically for use with the company’s Alspa MV3000 variable speed drive.

A twelve-pulse unit is particularly useful for drive users who are either connected to a weak mains supply or expect to use heavy machinery.

Available off-the-shelf for all Alspa MV3000 drives from 37kW to 350kW, Alstom’s twelve-pulse unit makes it easier for customers to reduce harmonic distortion and upgrade to a cleaner mains supply

The twelve-pulse unit aesthetically matches Alspa MV3000 and, like its counterpart, features Alstom’s MicroCubicle design, offering 100% front access to all major components, even with the unit in situ.

A large number of components within the Alstom twelve-pulse unit are identical to those in Alspa MV3000, meaning the twelve-pulse unit not only looks similar, but also minimises harmonics further as the two units have identical rectifiers with near-identical electrical properties.

Alspa MV3000, launched in February 1999, was designed with twelve-pulse in mind. Alstom’s twelve-pulse unit is simple to connect to Alspa MV3000, requiring just one control cable and three power cables. Commissioning is aided by Alspa MV 3000’s auto set-up procedure.