Delphi wins new business In Asia Pacific

Delphi Automotive Systems has won a contract with a major Asia Pacific vehicle manufacturer to supply Continuously Variable Cam Phasing (CVCP) for future vehicles.

The contract is valued at $31.5 million and spans five years.

‘Cam phasing is an important technology that can reduce emissions up to 20 percent while improving fuel economy,’ said R. Scott Bailey, director of engineering at Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems.

‘The system allows for continuous modification of valve overlap to optimise the power output of the engine to match the engine speed and load in different driving conditions. Along with the fuel economy and performance benefits, the result is also lower NOx and hydrocarbon emissions.’

CVCP also helps enable exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies to route gases back to the combustion chamber to help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

‘Other benefits of the system include a smooth idle enabled by reduction of valve overlap and decreased cold-start emissions,’ said Bailey.

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