Delta Air Lines selects Rockwell Collins head-up guidance systems

Delta Air Lines has selected Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics Head-Up Guidance System to be installed on its fleet of 120 MD-88 airplanes.

In addition, Delta Air Lines has signed an agreement making Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics the preferred supplier for future purchases of Head-Up Guidance Systems for other aircraft in Delta’s fleet.

The MD-88 is the third airplane type on which Delta will install the system. The airline has been flying with HGS for nearly three years on its fleet of Boeing 737-300 and Next Generation 737-800 airplanes. In addition to firm orders for the MD-88 fleet, Delta has options to install the system on the remainder of its fleet, including the B-757, 767 and 777 airplanes.

‘The HGS-4000 has just gone into service on our B-737-800s and we have already received operational approval from the FAA to fly Cat III approaches and low-visibility takeoffs with this system’ said Len Goreham, B-737NG Fleet Captain for Delta Air Lines.

Flight Dynamics’ HGS-4000 is the only HUD system operating in a Cat IIIA environment.

With the HGS, the pilot views critical flight information through the combiner, a transparent glass display in the pilot’s forward field of view. Airplane flight path and acceleration symbols derived from the inertial reference system overlay the outside real-world view in a true conformal relationship.

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