Demand driven solution uses internet power

Collaborative demand management specialist Demantra has announced its latest B2B solution which, it claims, harnesses the Internet to deliver real and measurable-business gains for manufacturers.

Demantra’s solution consists of two offerings. B2B Partner uses thin client, web-based technology to facilitate online collaboration between all parties managing demand in a manufacturing supply chain. B2B Portal is a web-based architecture hosting Demantra’s Suite of Management solutions, providing intelligent real time support for the demand-driven virtual enterprise, allowing manufacturers to collaboratively manage all aspects of consumer demands in a Web-browser environment.

Future additions to Demantra’s e-business offering will include demand planning solutions that integrate with industry trading exchanges.

Commenting on the launch of Demantra’s B2B manufacturing offer, Jeffrey Rose, Demantra’s vice president, global marketing said: ‘Our solution allows manufacturers to build a new, demand-driven business model using the power of the Internet. B2B Partner and B2B Portal include the ability to aggregate demand data online from multiple channels, as well as accommodating the views of all planning partners, in real time. The speed and intelligence of the environment can deliver market response, inventory and other supply chain savings that pay for the system in a matter of months.’