Demand for special papers motor ahead

A new paper machine, representing an investment of almost £11million, has recently been commissioned by Devon Valley Industries. An increase in demand for filtration and absorbent papers necessitated increased capacity.

Devon Valley chose Brook Hansen motors to drive the machine, in all a total of 98 motors was supplied 16 DC motors and 82 AC motors.

The DC motors,were specified by consultants Harland Simon. Ranging in size between 15kW to 355kW they provide the main drive and also the drive for fans on the paper machine. DC drives are the traditional choice for this type of machine as they provide excellent controllability.

The AC motors, ranging from 2.2kW to 200kW, 6 pole, provide the drive for all the ancillary equipment such as agitators for the pulping machines and pumps for a variety of applications. Most of the AC motors are high efficiency ‘W’ motors, the rest being Series 7 steel frames. All the motors are finished to Argus 55 specification because of the arduous operating conditions.

When asked why Brook Hansen motors were chosen for this project, Devon Valley’s chief engineer Peter Reynolds said, ‘We have had many years of experience with Brook motors. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the efficiency of the plant and ‘W’ motors, which are high efficiency as standard, will contribute towards this aim.’

Paper has been made on the site for over 200 years. The process would be very different then, the raw material would be cotton rags and the paper would be made by hand. In common with Brook Hansen, Devon Valley Industries is also a recipient of the prestigious Queens Award for Environmental Achievement. Theirs was awarded in 1995 for the environmental benefits the company achieved by replacing heavy metal pigments by non-hazardous alternatives in one of its manufacturing processes.

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