Demonstrating interoperability

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) says that 15 of its members are to demonstrate interoperability of the Forum’s Physical and Link Layer (PLL) architecture at SUPERCOMM 2003 in Atlanta between June 3-5. As a part of SUPERCOMM’s SUPERDemo program, the OIF will also introduce its newest project, the Common Electrical I/O (CEI).

The live SUPERDemo will feature the first demonstration of the OIF’s CEI work in progress with demonstrations of electrical interfaces with signalling rates of 6+ and 11+ Gbit for chip-to-chip, chip-to-optical module and electrical backplane applications. Participant companies will include ASSP, FPGA, ASIC, optical module, transmission channel and test equipment vendors highlighting protocol testers, signal-integrity measurement equipment including eye diagrams and jitter measurements, video generation and display equipment.

The demonstration will also highlight the Serdes Framer Interface for a common electrical interface between SONET framer and serial/deserialiser parts for OC-192 interfaces (SFI-4.1 IA), the System Packet Interface Level 4, Phase 2: System Interface for Physical and Link Layer Devices (SPI-4.2 IA) and the OIF’s tunable laser IA. These electrical interfaces define the transport protocol between ICs in equipment chassis at 10 and 40 Gb/s aggregate rates.

The companies that will participate in the OIF’s interoperability demonstration at SUPERCOMM include Agilent Technologies, AMCC, BitBlitz Communications, Gennum Corporation, Ignis Optics, Infineon Technologies, Iolon, Multiplex, NEC Electronics America, Santur, Tyco Electronics, Velio, Vitesse, Winchester Electronics and Xilinx.