Deritend takes action to protect UK jobs…

UK national industrial maintenance and support group Deritend Industries is taking positive action to protect skilled jobs in the face of a possible continued downturn.

Richard K Hale Group CEO of Deritend Industries,

“Ours is a skills based business providing essential electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance services, and while the downturn in manufacturing has affected most businesses, we can see that maintenance is a key part of moving forwards, while some capital projects and company expansions have been put on hold, businesses still need to run efficiently, we are launching several initiatives to help manufacturing and process industries cut costs, while taking steps to maintain service levels and protect our own skills base too.”

“We need to retain our skills and the only way to do that is to develop a strategy to retain jobs, we have changed shift patterns and moved to flexible working, allowing us to cut hours strategically, matching our staff levels closely to demand. By doing this in our UK workshops we are taking positive action to protect the jobs longer term”

Deritend Industries is one of the UK’s fastest growing and most dynamic maintenance services organisations, encompassing several specialist engineering operations within the group. The largest component of the group, Deritend, operates onsite electromechanical engineering teams and a nationwide branch network including 14 engineering workshops across the UK. Deritend RMB specialises in the manufacture and maintenance of gearboxes and large items of heavy machinery. Deritend H&K specialises is M&E onsite support including pipework, electrical and mechanical building services.

The Group also includes a large UK based pre-formed windings production site, and other specialist engineering operations covering induction services, condition monitoring and machine tools services. It also operates electrical, HVAC and process maintenance teams on site at some of the UK’s largest manufacturing, process and production facilities. The company offers 24/7 maintenance services across the UK with mobile specialists in key areas, those staff plus its on-site maintenance services teams amount to over 300 people.

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