Design news

Software to help turbine design

Siemens has chosen AEA Technology’s CFX-TASCflow computational fluid dynamics software to help its engineers design turbines. The software will model the complex flow of gases within the turbine components to quickly achieve the most efficient design possible. AEA Technology will also customise the software to meet the particular challenges faced by Siemens.

30 drives for cooling towers

Brook Hansen Transmissions has received an order from Marley Davenport for 30 Cooling tower drives valued at some £230,000 for a new BP site at Salt End, near Hull. Delivery is scheduled for next spring. The high efficiency, low noise, P4 gear units are standard for the application, apart from the special paint finish demanded by the use of salt water drawn from the estuary for cooling purposes.

Hydraulic power for printing press

Mannesmann Rexroth Hydraulics has fulfilled an initial order for the design and supply of 10 hydraulic power units and lubrication packs to Goss Graphic Systems in Preston. The systems, valued at over £50,000, will be used to drive and lubricate the new double-width newspaper press, offering versatility, consistent print quality and superior productivity to high volume printers worldwide.

Sterling pumps in water contract

A total of 29 Thru-stream and Hydrostream horizontal split case centrifugal pumps from Sterling Fluid Systems were the immediate choice of Weybridge based water treatment engineers and contractors Natson to help fulfil a contract awarded by the Sudanese government as part of the socially and economically important Atbara & El Damer Water Supply Rehabilitation Project.