Design News

AD and Intel join forces

Intel and Analog Devices are to join forces to develop a fixed-point, low-power DSP core for processing video, image, voice, and data. Design engineering teams from both companies will be combined into a joint design group located primarily in Austin, Texas. The team will also develop programmers’ tools, and algorithms. The first core design is expected to be completed in the second half of 2000.

Carclo gains COIL

With the acquisition by Carclo Engineering Group of optical mouldings company (COIL) Combined Optical Industries from Quadramatic, means that the company’s plastics division, CTP(Carclo Technical Plastics), now accounts for more than half the Carclo group’s operations.

One goes into two

PS Industry Group, the manufacturing business systems specialist, has reorganised its UK activities into two separate companies PS Industry and PS Industry Group. The new company PS Industry (PSIL) merges the activities of the sales division for the KAPES manufacturing planning and costing product with the UK-based KAPES development centre. PS Industry Group (PSIG) will exploit its expertise for SAP R/3 and its PSsystem business software.

Product lines united

Raytheon Marine has unveiled plans to unite all its marine electronic products under the Raytheon brand name rather than market them under three different brands Apelco, Autohelm and Raytheon. It is aimed at simplifying purchasing and customer service for dealers and consumers.