Design on the crest of a SLwave

Ansoft Corporation has released SIwave; a new tool designed specifically to solve the power delivery and signal integrity problems prevalent in high-speed printed circuit boards and complex IC packages.

‘Customer demand for greater functionality and higher performance electronics has resulted in designs with thousands of fast-switching I/0’s,’ said Jonathan Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Signal Integrity Products. ‘Being able to quickly analyse trade-offs that affect both the power delivery and signal integrity of high speed designs has been missing in today’s design flows, and has resulted in costly iterations and significant compromises in performance.’

SIwave is said to directly address these problems.

Using an approach based on a hybrid, full-wave, finite element technique, engineers can now characterise simultaneous switching noise, power and ground bounce, resonances, reflections, and coupling between traces and power/ground planes.

SIwave solves the entire design in one simulation, saving hours and sometimes days over existing modelling and simulation techniques.

According to Ansoft, SIwave can analyse complex circuit designs consisting of multiple, arbitrarily shaped power and ground layers and any number of vias and signal traces.

Simulation results are reported graphically with advanced 3D visualisation. Furthermore, SIwave can generate equivalent circuit models so users of commercial Spice can continue to benefit from full-wave techniques without having to use a proprietary simulator.

Signal integrity effects that can be modelled include noise coupling between signal lines and supply planes; complicated crosstalk effects between distant signal traces; time domain effects such as propagation delay, rise and fall times, reflections and ringing and frequency domain phenomena such as resonant modes and S-parameters.

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