Designer labelling gets flexible

Accurate positioning of labels independent of conveyor speed is offered by an automatic label applicator system – so put away the glue and scissors

Everything you buy seems to be stuck with a label, from apples to computers. Labels can be used for product security, to avoid tampering, for CE marking, quality control, bar coding and numerous other purposes. Clearly automatic labelling systems can save manufacturers a lot of time. And if you make manufacturing equipment and can incorporate a labelling system you can offer your customers an advantage.

Based on SIG Positec’s high torque, three-phase stepper motor technology, a lightweight compact positioning system can dispense labels onto product carried along a conveyor at speed up to 100m/min. It comes complete with driver and pre-installed standard labelling program, which is capable of positioning accuracies of 60.5mm.

Said to be highly flexible, the system uses an operator terminal together with the installed software to provide full and flexible control of the labelling process. Once set up, the terminal can be removed and the system will operate by itself.

Features incorporated into the labelling software include the ability to consistently apply labels accurately independent of conveyor speed, built in diagnostic features, missing label detection, stored counters for retaining batch run statistics and manual jog. The system can be operated in either synchronous or asynchronous mode, and is said to have zero maintenance requirement.