Designing a hybrid car

Torotrak is to participate in a collaborative project being funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Department of Transport through the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform (LCVIP).

The LCVIP is investing in 16 new research, development and demonstration programmes with the dual objective of accelerating market introduction of low carbon road transport vehicles and maximising benefits to the UK business.

Torotrak, a member of a consortium being led by Jaguar Cars, will undertake the design and development of a mechanical hybrid kinetic energy recovery system for use in a premium segment passenger car. The mechanical hybrid system compromises a flywheel energy storage device and a traction-drive variable transmission unit, which connects to the vehicle drivetrain.

The company will support the project with analysis and design expertise relating to its variable drive technology, which is central to the function and performance of the proposed system. Other consortium members, who have been closely collaborating together to generate the proposal and development programme, are Flybrid Systems, Ford Motor Company, Prodrive, Ricardo UK and Extrac.