Designing on the Internet

Using SherpaWorks, a Web-based product data management suite, designers will be able to participate in product development across the Net.

The software itself comprises three modules: Sherpa/PDM@Net, Sherpa/Explorer, and Sherpa/Web. Here is how it works. Let us say that you were an automotive supplier using Sherpa/Explorer, a native geometry (3D) viewing and mark up product. You could notify a supplier of a front suspension assembly of a problem with the braking system. This notification includes a marked up 3D image of the failing component. An engineer working at the suspension assembly supplier then uses the software to investigate the failure in more detail by `assembling’ the components from many suppliers, each of whom have used a different CAD system.

By checking the dimensions, the engineer locates the problem and uses Sherpa/PDM@Net, a read-write application, to raise a work authorisation which notifies the supplier of that component. Using a read-only application, Sherpa/Web, the component supplier receives the work authorisation and reviews the mark-up showing the problem with the component. Once the problem has been rectified, the suspension assembly supplier’s engineer uses Sherpa@Net to sign off the revised component design and close the work authorisation.

Sherpa/Web, Sherpa/Explorer and Sherpa/PDM@Net are all currently available.

With Sherpa/Explorer, CAD, MRP and PDM information is now available via the Web

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