Designs on distribution networks

Autodesk Utility Design is a rules-based application that helps small to large electric utility companies design distribution networks.

Autodesk and its subsidiary Gentry Systems have launched Autodesk Utility Design, a rules-based application that helps small to large electric utility companies design distribution networks.The application provides utility-specific design functionality to Autodesk Powerline, Autodesk’s enterprise GIS solution for electric utilities.

Autodesk Utility Design combines the features and functionality of Gentry Systems’ Utility Design System and GenStake into a single design application that gives users the capability to efficiently create network sketches, calculate labour and material costs, and order necessary equipment.

Designing an electric utility network involves many steps that typically have required manual and redundant operations, including entering the same data multiple times at different points in the workflow. Autodesk Utility Design, which takes advantage of the mapping capabilities of Autodesk Map, enables designers to create a construction sketch and use it to perform engineering calculations according to the utility’s specific engineering standards. The user can then order both standard and special materials required to install the job. Material and labour costs can then automatically be calculated to create an overall job estimate, saving time and increasing accuracy.

‘Autodesk Utility Design enables us to automatically gather material data for construction in conjunction with creating the graphical piece of a distribution design, all in one environment,’ said Kodi Berg, technical support analyst at Idaho Power Company. ‘We have eliminated duplicate data entry and cumbersome file management processes, decreased design time, improved standardisation of design and construction methods, and streamlined data flow.’

Autodesk Powerline comprises the Autodesk GIS Design Server, Autodesk Map, Autodesk MapGuide, and Autodesk OnSite – with industry-specific services and capabilities of Autodesk GenMap and Autodesk Utility Design software.

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