Desktop Linux gets a Consortium

Representatives from several firms have formed the Desktop Linux Consortium, or DLC, to promote interests and raise awareness of GNU/Linux on the desktop.

Consortium members comprise both commercial companies and open source organisations that are developing and shaping the technology that will speed the adoption rate of Linux to the desktop.

Companies and organisations who have joined the consortium include ArkLinux, CodeWeavers,,, KDE, Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Lycoris, The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), MandrakeSoft, NeTraverse,, Questnet (,, theKompany, SuSE, TransGaming Technologies, TrustCommerce, Xandros, and Ximian.

Additional companies will be announced shortly, according to the DLC. Membership is open to those companies pioneering Linux and related technologies for desktop computing.

Interim leadership for the organisation includes Bruce Perens as interim executive director. Jeremy White, CEO of CodeWeavers, has agreed to serve as the interim chairperson. The board membership and organisational charter will be determined by the founding companies over the next several weeks.

The Desktop Linux Consortium will be incorporated as a non-profit trade association. Membership is open to companies and open source organisations throughout the world who offer products that support Desktop Linux.