Deutsche Bahn opts for TALENT

Bombardier Transportation has been selected by Deutsche Bahn (DB) as preferred supplier for the Electric Multiple Unit Platform framework agreement following a Europe-wide invitation to tender. The planned agreement is based on 321 trains at an estimated total of €1.2bn, making this one of the largest framework agreements in the history of DB.

Bombardier Transportation participated in the tender with the new generation of TALENT trains. Once deployed, the new TALENT 2 fleet will join Bombardier double-deck trains and TRAXX locomotives as the backbone of DB’s regional transport service in Germany. The entire vehicle fleet will be developed and manufactured at Bombardier sites in Germany.

The new TALENT trains are scheduled to be deployed on regional lines throughout Germany starting in 2009.

André Navarri, President of Bombardier Transportation, said: ‘With the TALENT 2, we are paving the way for future regional and suburban transport not only in Germany, but across Europe.

‘The new train incorporates leading-edge design concepts that offer unparalleled flexibility and modularity. That translates into real competitive advantage for operators like DB that face a European market characterised by growth and liberalisation.’

According to Bombardier, TALENT 2 multiple units can be configured variably to create two-car trains or trains with as many as six cars. Propulsion power options can also be selected, depending on the number of driven axles. Additionally, the vehicles can be adjusted to operate on different voltage systems prevalent in the European rail network (15kV AC, 25kV AC or 3kV DC). Access heights of 598 or 800mm can accommodate different platform levels. Once placed in service, the trains can be continuously re-configured to fit operator needs.