Development environment for design project managers

Virtuoso 4.1 from Eonic Systems is an integrated development environment for real-time embedded systems. The environment includes a four-layer, microkernel based real-time operating system (T=RTOS) that is optimised for DSP and ASIC cores. It requires just 2Kwords to 10Kwords of memory and supports DSPs and RISC cores from the likes of Analog Devices, ARM, Infineon and Texas Instruments.

The Virtuoso 4.1 development environment also provides a comprehensive suite of project management and development tools. The tool suite includes a project manager, a kernel-optimising system generation tool, and graphical analysis and debugging tools for DSPs. Virtuoso’s real-time tracing monitor and real time task level debugger provide accurate and complete information in an interactive graphical user interface, on-scheduling behaviour, logical design problems, over-and-under-loads, and resource allocation.

Virtuoso offers seamless integration with third party debugging tools, compilers, source level debuggers and IDEs.

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