Diagnostic tool helps manufacturers evaluate investment in e-business

BigMachines has announced the availability of its e-business ‘Value Assessment Toolset’ designed specifically for the industrial machinery industry.

The assessment service is designed to help manufacturers of engineered equipment quantify inefficient business processes, identify lost revenue opportunities and evaluate e-business strategies for buying and selling complex industrial products.

Combined with the increased scrutiny that goes into all technology investments given the current economy, this assessment is especially useful for industrial equipment companies because many have not made large technology purchases and may lack the evaluation tools needed to make cost-effective decisions in this area.

The BigMachines Value Assessment is administered by first evaluating the customers’ current sales or procurement processes.

Here, BigMachines takes a critical look at revenue drivers like quote-to-conversion ratios, order value and up-sell opportunities and cost centres like engineering, quote, order and fulfillment costs.

With this data, BigMachines maps existing processes against industry benchmarks and case examples to provide the client with a point of comparison and an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that engaging in an e-business strategy presents.

BigMachines returns with a thoughtful analysis and, if warranted, possible solutions supported by a sound business and financial case.

‘In developing the BigMachines Value Assessment, we’ve taken the vertical industry expertise we’ve amassed working with leading industrial machinery businesses around the globe to create a product that gives executives the tools they need to assess their current business processes and a low-risk method for evaluating e-business alternatives,’ said Godard Abel, chief executive at BigMachines.

‘At the end of the day, what the customer has is an efficient means for creating a solid business case for making or not making technology investment decisions.’

BigMachines worked with Accenture, a provider of management and technology consulting services, to create the new product.

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