Different Twins” united by electronics

With the introduction to the market of the “Hydrotwin” system, Pompetravaini has launched a solution to the high vacuum world, not achieved before only by the use of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

The new series of compact vacuum pump packages guarantees a vacuum level up to 5 mbar (absolute), and capacities up to 2,000 m3/h

The project has been developed by close co-operation with Bora Blowers, who are specialists in manufacturing boosters for pressure and vacuum.

Bora have introduced sophisticated electronics for the control of booster operations which avoid the risk of seizure in the event that conditions exceed working allowable parameters. Pompetravaini, together with Bora Blowers, have developed the electronics to couple the liquid ring vacuum pump and the booster to guarantee maximum performance in absolute safety.


Innovation now dictates how the two machines are controlled. So far, pressure switches, bypasses or hydrokinetic couplings have been used. These systems impose a precise operating limit, restricting the efficiency of the system.

With the electronics of control DVD2 optimized to the working of the liquid ring vacuum pump, the operating points of the booster and liquid ring vacuum pump are variable and optimized by the set up of the working parameters.

With “Hydrotwin” packages, it is possible to:- 

• decrease to a minimum  the absorbed power. The saving is considerable and can be in the range of 30 –  40%; 
• set and maintain the  desired vacuum level. This improving the quality and minimize scrap in those  processes where maintaining the vacuum level stability is very important for  the final result; 
• give total  protection from seizure due to overheating caused by  operating outside the allowed limits. Standard temperature sensors located in  the discharge casing zone cannot show, in real time, any elevated temperature  of the roots lobes, that firstly are subject to thermal expansion. Control of  temperature is performed with a check on compression rates. Electronic control  DVD2 works on the cause, and not on the effect.


“Hydrotwin” systems find applications in many fields, including pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, food and pasta production, leather treatment, centralized vacuum systems, etc.

This new series allows Pompetravaini to extend the range of vacuum from 33 mbar (absolute) to 5 mbar (absolute),and is the summit of technological expertise.

These two vacuum machines, surely “different twins”, perfectly match each other thanks to the “plug and play” electronics. To start the “Hydrotwin” system, all that is required is the parameter of the required vacuum. Then two more detailed planning levels regulate the reaction time of the system. One level with some pre selection (careful, constant fast operation, high vacuum, autoclave), and another level where a more skilled operator can adjust each single electronic parameter.

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