Digital valves cut petrol consumption by 20%

Camcon, a British start-up company, aims to dramatically improve the performance and fuel consumption of petrol engines with its new digital valve technology.

The first target market for Camcon’s digital valve technology is fuel management and suspension control for petrol and diesel engine vehicles. The company is currently developing a version of its valve for a Formula One team and will show its technology at Autosport 2002 at the NEC in Birmingham in the UK between the 10th to the 13th of this month.

Based on experiments performed in Europe and US, the company estimates that its technology will reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, whilst increasing power output by 25%.

In an engine system, the digital or binary valve developed by Camcon will enable the cylinders in to be separated from the crankshaft and fired under the control of an electronic engine management system, rather than under the mechanical control of the crankshaft. This will allow the cylinders to be fired as and when power is needed from the engine, rather than on a continuous basis under the control of the crankshaft.

In vehicle suspension applications, Camcon valves also enable the suspension of a vehicle to be managed on a dynamic basis using electronic management systems to alter the damping of a pneumatic suspension system depending on road conditions, load and number of passengers.

Camcon claims that it has made the first fundamental step forward in valve design for over 300 years when Thomas Newcomen devised a gate-valve to control steam pressure in the first industrial steam engine.

Details of the operation of the valve can be found at the company web site.