Digital watermarking used to make post ‘interactive’

The Royal Mail has become the world’s first postal company to help businesses make their post ‘interactive’, using digital watermarking technology.

To view the digital content, users simply need to download the free Digital Space App from the Apple and Android app stores onto their 3G phones.

Then, by holding the 3G phone over the digitally watermarked image — which is indicated by a symbol — users will be given instant access to a company’s online content, such as a website, video or Facebook page.

Launched by Royal Mail’s Door to Door unit in partnership with Digital Space, the digital watermark can be embedded into pictures on leaflets and mailings. The watermark enables marketers to integrate their print and online material without the need for barcodes or Quick Response codes.

The digital watermark has no impact on the design and layout of a piece of mail since it is embedded into an existing design and no special inks or changes to the printing processes are required.

Dave Smith, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, said: ‘This partnership means that Royal Mail is the first postal company in the world to offer digital watermarking technology to its customers.’