DIN rail accessories for incremental encoders

The Industrial Encoder Division of BEI Technologies has introduced a range of DIN rail mountable interface units for use with all types of incremental encoder.

Comprising an Encoder Test Module, Optical Isolator and Galvanically Isolated Barrier, each unit is designed to fit industry standard, EN50 022 DIN rail (35 x 7.5 mm).

The Encoder Test Module is an encoder tester that is suitable for trouble-shooting, field-testing or incoming inspection. The module can accept inputs from any incremental optical encoder and LEDs show the status of each channel under test. Its dimensions suit it for use in portable field test equipment; alternatively, it can be permanently installed in a motor test and repair facility.

The Optical Isolator module provides total electrical isolation between the encoder and its electronics and is particularly suitable for applications where a weak signal or electrical noise caused by earthing problems, could result in error signals.

This module can also be used as a repeater to reduce signal degradation on long cable runs. Several modules can be linked together to provide a particularly cost effective solution to distribute one encoder signal to different sub systems.

The Galvanically Isolated Barrier is designed for applications in hazardous areas and combines both power and signal barriers into a single package. Input and output signals are galvanically isolated and do not require the use of a high-integrity earth connection. Built-in LEDs simplify set up and testing.

Output options include differential line drivers; the module is compatible with most counters, controllers and PLC’s.

The module is rated as non-incendive and can be installed in Class 1, Division 2 areas. The requirements of Class 1 Division 1, Group C and D (Eex ia IIB T4 CENELEC) can be met when used with correctly rated encoders.