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   Sensors, Automation, Motors, Bearings, Pumps, Handling, Machine tools : industrial products on DirectIndustry 

forklift truck
A small motorized vehicle, used notably in warehouses, for lifting and carrying boxes and pallets. Generally, it has an L-shaped elevator at the front, with two horizontal metal bars for supporting the goods, and lifting them vertically upwards
milling machine
A machine (typically on the factory floor) using a cutting head, usually in the form of a rasped-edged or rasp-faced rotating cylindrical wheel, for cutting into the workpiece
ball bearing
A low-friction system of balls, in a ball race, that is placed between a stationary support and the moving (normally rotating) shaft that it accommodates
load cell
A sensor that gives a signal proportional to the force or weight being applied
A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer system that acts as a remote hub for controlling automated systems and processes
stepper motor
An electric motor whose rotor does not rotate continuously, but steps from being aligned with one set of stator windings, to being aligned with the next set. In this way, precise steps of fractions of a rotation can be achieved under electronic control
air compressor
Apparatus for taking air in at its inlet, compressing it to a small volume, so as to give a supply of compressed air, at a very high pressure, at its outlet