Dishwasher cleans up

Four students from Loughborough University won an award in for their poster describing a sustainable dishwasher

Four students from LoughboroughUniversity won an award in The Royal Academy of Engineering’s recent competition for their poster describing a sustainable dishwasher.

The contributing students, Richard Charles, Thomas Hartley, Ben Rose and Richard Taylor, based in the University’s Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, have since graduated.

The team designed an alternative dishwasher incorporating ultrasonic cleaning and reverse osmosis. Through the transmission of high frequency vibrations into liquid, microscopic bubbles rapidly form and collapse, causing dirt to be sucked away from tableware without the need for detergents or high temperatures. Then through reverse osmosis, the contaminants are stripped from the used water enabling it to be recycled, resulting in reduction of both energy and water consumption.

The Loughborough team developed their designs at the University’s Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Reuse/Recycling Technologies (SMART).

Dr Shahin Rahimifard, director of the centre and team supervisor, said: ‘I am incredibly impressed by what the students have achieved. A significant reduction in the environmental burden of consumer goods requires radical innovation and this has been clearly demonstrated by the Loughborough students. They have developed a product with a considerable improvement in environmental performance, yet economically feasible for mass production and supportive of a modern consumer life style.

‘This is the second year in a row Loughborough students have won this prestigious competition, highlighting the University’s commitment sustainable engineering.’