Displays from nanotubes: closer than we thought?

Applied Nanotech has demonstrated a 14 inch diagonal carbon nanotube display made with inexpensive fabrication techniques on glass substrates.

Applied Nanotech (ANI), a subsidiary of SI Diamond Technology, has demonstrated a 14 inch diagonal carbon nanotube display.

The display was made with low-cost fabrication techniques on inexpensive glass substrates. No photolithographic steps were required, simplifying the manufacturing process. While the display that ANI demonstrated was monochrome, the company says that colour is achievable by using different phosphors.

This demonstration is an important milestone for ANI, expanding its carbon nanotube technology from full-colour, small-diagonal, low-resolution picture element tubes (used as a component for outdoor sun visible displays) to large area displays for commercial TV applications.

‘These results are very encouraging and are parallel to our goal of providing a solution for the 50 inch to 80 inch HDTV market for future home usage,’ said Dr. Zvi Yaniv, President and CEO of ANI.

The significance of the accomplishment is that the display was made using dispensing (printing) techniques that are proven to be scalable to larger areas. The equipment required to make this demonstration is readily available.

‘Existing factories can be retooled with a fraction of the capital investment required for other flat panel display technologies,’ said Marc Eller, Chairman and CEO of SI Diamond Technology.