Distributed computing toolbox

The MathWorks has introduced its new Distributed Computing Toolbox, which enables engineers and scientists to execute MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models in a cluster of computers.

The Distributed Computing Toolbox decreases the overall execution time of those applications in which the same algorithm or model is run with different input data.

With the Distributed Computing Toolbox, MATLAB and Simulink users can now perform intensive computations with large data sets previously unattainable on a single computer. In addition, users will be able to control the complete distributed computing process via a standard function-based or object-based interface in the MATLAB environment.

Engineers, scientists, and researchers can employ the Distributed Computing Toolbox to divide algorithms into independent tasks. The MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine (available as a separate product) evaluates these tasks on remote MATLAB sessions and makes the results available to the original MATLAB session.

The Distributed Computing Toolbox supports the full MATLAB language, almost all MathWorks products and all supported MATLAB platforms. The MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine can run in either homogeneous or heterogeneous clusters.

Both the Distributed Computing Toolbox and Distributed Computing Engine are currently available from The MathWorks with prices starting at $1,000 US for the toolbox, and $6,000 US for the engine.

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