DiaCom, the US-based designer and manufacturer of industrial diaphragms, has released a Do-It-Yourself diaphragm design software for end users. Dubbed Diasoft, the software guides the user through the process of designing moulded elastomeric diaphragm seals using standard Windows NT-based software. At the end, DiaSoft software produces a document containing the data required to design the appropriate diaphragm, including available size selection. One feature allows users to perform pre-testing without the expense of special tooling.

Other special features include formulas that calculate burst, stroke and height requirements, complete pressure and metric conversions and hardware design consideration. There is also a fluid- resistant chart for elastomer selection.

The company has also recently developed a unique process for etching and bonding Teflon to rubber to construct a flexible low-fatigue diaphragm for harsh environments without limiting the life of the diaphragm.


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