Do-it-yourself plug-ins

Raindrop Geomagic has released a new software development kit (SDK) for 3D scanning manufacturers that provides pre-packaged functionality such as real-time data processing and graphics display.

The free SDK is available for download from the Raindrop Geomagic web site here. It is fully integrated with Geomagic Studio reverse-engineering software and Geomagic Qualify computer-aided inspection software.

“The SDK made it simple for us to add greater ease of use and performance to our Kreon Zephyr 3D scanner,” commented Thierry Rebillard, general manager of Kreon Technologies. “Instantaneous scanning display and analysis greatly reduce the gap between a physical part and its digital representation for reconstruction and inspection applications.”

Peter Scott, Raindrop Geomagic’s vice president of engineering, estimates that the SDK will enable scanner manufacturers to develop plug-ins with new functionality in less than a week, including gaining familiarity with the SDK, developing the plug-in, and doing quality assurance checks.

“The SDK allows hardware manufacturers to leverage Geomagic’s development work,” says Scott. “In a very short time, they will be able to introduce significant new tools for their customers.”

Raindrop Geomagic says the SDK provides easy-to-implement features for both laser-line and hard-probe devices. It includes four functionality components that can be implemented individually or combined for a complete solution within a single plug-in. They include a real-time scanning component that interactively displays a shaded, solid model as scanning takes place. This allows users to see exactly what has been scanned, resulting in more complete data capture.

Also included is an alignment component that enables users to modify the co-ordinate system of incoming data to ensure greater accuracy.

A hard-probing component provides step-by-step instructions for directly collecting features (hole, slot, rectangle, line) and datums (plane, axis, point, point target). This speeds processing of the digital model.

Also, a real-time comparison component for Geomagic Qualify displays a texture-mapped model comparing the object being scanned with a CAD reference model. Users are able to immediately see deviations between a manufactured part and the design reference.

“We are working with scanning companies to eliminate any barriers to accurately representing a physical object as a digital model,” said Ping Fu, Raindrop Geomagic’s president and CEO. “The SDK provides an intuitive interface that streamlines processing for downstream applications such as reverse engineering, engineering analysis, quality assurance, and customised manufacturing.”

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