Don’t delay nuclear

Now that nuclear power stations are officially back on the government’s plan for the future of UK energy provision we can expect a concerted campaign of opposition from environmental groups prepared to use any delaying tactic possible to stop them being built.

These campaigners will act on sincerely-held beliefs, but allowing this to happen would be a disaster since it is apparent to anyone that we are approaching a critical time in the history of our economy as north sea oil runs out and overseas supplies become more expensive and uncertain.

Without the stable and independent power that nuclear offers we could very easily find ourselves in the situation of countries in the former Soviet Union who are effectively held to ransom by Russia for their supplies of gas.

Meanwhile, the French would be smiling across the channel as they enjoyed their own supplies of plentiful power generated by nuclear.

We should take a leaf out of their book, which means that when a policy is decided on by a democratically elected government it happens — whatever the attempts of pressure groups to stop it.

P Farmer

Milton Keynes