Don’t settle for second best! Micropilot M FMR244 low-cost radar

Where dusty environments affect accurate level measurement, Endress+Hauser’s new Micropilot M FMR244 radar offers an excellent cost-effective solution.

Traditionally, ultrasonic level devices have been the preferred level measurement technique in many applications where budget restrictions are tight. And, whilst ultrasonic level measurement indeed provides a low-cost solution, it can, however, suffer from problems of echo loss, particularly in applications where pneumatic filling occurs such as food and cement storage silos.

No signal loss during filling
Endress+Hauser’s new Micropilot FMR244 radar device is the accurate and reliable alternative to ultrasonics. This low-cost radar alternative offers all the benefits of radar technology such as non-contact continuous measurement and, most importantly, complete measurement integrity during pneumatic filling – but with a refreshingly competitive price tag. All this, with the added advantage of eliminating the problems associated with product overspill such as product loss, clean-up costs, pollution fines and, most importantly, plant and personnel safety!

A solution that really measures up
Offering 26GHz frequency, the FMR244 horn antenna is well suited to a wide range of liquids and solids applications across the food & beverage, primaries, chemical and water industries and is SIL2 compliant to IEC61508/IEC61511-1 for use in safety-related systems. What’s more, with a measuring range of 15m in solids and 20m in liquids and remaining fully operational in process temperatures up to 80°C and pressures of 3 bar, the Micropilot M FMR244 measures up with an impressive price-performance ratio!

The obvious choice
Low cost but certainly not low spec, the FMR244 comes with integrated plain English display for simple menu-guided operation. And, with the free of charge FieldCare software, you have the added bonus of straightforward configuration, commissioning and documentation of the measuring point. The FMR244 also offers HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus connectivity for seamless integration into new and existing systems.

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