Downtime eliminated

Papst has introduced fan trays where the individual fans are mounted in removable cassettes, providing hot-pluggable units that may eliminate maintenance downtime because the fans can be changed without shutting down equipment.

The new fan cassettes are a standard 50mm in height and the assembly delivers 700 cubic metres per hour airflow in free space whilst operating from a nominal -48Vdc (-30 to -75Vdc) supply.

Comprehensive control and alarm circuits are built into the assembly that, according Papst, allows user definition of high/low temperature limits.

A lighting system on the front panel of the unit indicates normal operation, over temperature and major fault conditions. All inputs, including power supply rails and alarm signals, are linked via panel mounted D-subminiature connectors.

Papst 120mm fans use either high precision ball or Sintec sleeve bearings and are said to give long-life and low noise in operation.

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