Drill rigging

Kettering-based EarthEnergy is pioneering the use of next generation drill rigs to improve site safety when drilling geothermal boreholes.

In response to the Health & Safety Executive’s decision to enforce compliance with existing legislation and raise the technical standards for guarding, the company acquired a fleet of four Fraste drill rigs with fully interlocked guarding and automated rod handling.

EarthEnergy’s plant yard facilities host a pipe warehouse for Haka Gerodur geothermal u-tubes and ancillary components imported from Switzland, for the company’s use and for supply to other installation companies.

Managing director Brian Kennelly said: ‘We have expanded the business to incorporate our own drilling operation.’

He added: ‘We see the purchase of our drill rigs as a way to increase the resource base available to this rapidly growing industry and will now be developing in-house training for the drilling crews to bring new people into industry over the next few years as we increase the size of the fleet.’