Drive claimed to be among smallest

The new Moeller AC drive now available from R&M Electrical Group is believed to be one of the smallest AC drives in its class, spanning a 0.3kW to 90kW power range.

The Optidrive is available in both single and three-phase formats in five sizes, and are said to be compact, powerful and particularly user-friendly. Ready-to-run, the new drives have three programmable digital inputs, an analogue input that is selectable for volts or amps, a programmable relay output and a programmable analogue output.

Optidrive has four pre-set speeds and an auto start function, with other features including skip frequencies, spinning start, silent running in 32kHz mode and mains dip ride through. A quick set-up menu using only the 14 parameters, with plain English descriptions, allows the users to quickly configure the Optidrive.

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