Drive module good for panel-building

With the introduction of ABB’s new drive module, panel builders and systems integrators can now mount a compact, low-voltage AC drive directly into their panels.

Panel builders and systems integrators can now mount a compact, low-voltage AC drive directly into their panels, with the introduction of ABB’s new drive module.

The IP00 open chassis module is available in R7 and R8 frame sizes, for applications from 90 kW to 400 kW (at 400 V) and from 110 kW to 500 kW (at 500V). It features ABB’s Direct Torque Control, for a smooth motor operation through rapid response to variations in motor load.

The drive includes space for internal built-in EMC filtering as standard both radiated and conducted level 2 emissions to EN 61800-3 limits. Internally-mounted EMC filtering means that space needed for the drive is unaffected. Removing the need for separate EMC filtering, for a special EMC cabinet and for post-construction testing saves both installation time and hardware costs for panel builders.

Further savings are available through a cabling principle whereby motor cables connect into a separate cabling pedestal, bolted into the panel. After cabling, the drive slides over the pedestal and is locked into position. After commissioning, the drive is removed easily for maintenance, without disconnecting output cables. This means faster maintenance and reduced process downtime.

Cable connection to the module is easy, with power input through the top and motor cable output from the side with optional top or bottom exit. The output busbars can be mounted on either side. This gives space savings within the cabinet through the reduced need for cabling and/or busbars. The use of a separate control unit renders I/O connections accessible without opening the drive cover and allows placing of the I/O terminals in the most convenient location.

Internally-mounted options include EMC filters, braking chopper, common mode filters and varnished control boards. In addition, there are I/O extension modules including a pulse encoder interface, fibre-optic linking and a choice of fieldbus options that can be plugged directly into the control unit.

The drive is suitable for a range of panel-building applications. In narrow configuration, for example, up to 160 kW at 400 V, it measures just 1120 mm (h) x 330 mm (w) x 467 mm (d).

The drive’s internal ‘Start-up Assistant’ detects when the drive is turned on for the first time. It then guides the user through the commissioning process with help in selecting appropriate settings for motor nominal values, I/O configuration and application-specific parameters. It also detects I/O extensions, fieldbus modules and other options and offers guided commissioning for them.

‘Adaptive Programming’ allows the drive to be programmed to perform any from a predefined function set, including all common mathematical and logical functions as well as switches, comparators, filters and timers.

Users define block inputs and connections to the drive I/O or the drive control and can create new I/O signals to modify the drive’s speed or torque control. User-specified functions, traditionally handled by additional relays and timers, can also be integrated into the drive.

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