Drive offers voltage options

Omron has added to its 3G3JV inverter range with a new 400V, three phase model. The new version covers powers up to 4kW, and, like the existing single and three phase 200V version, provides users with a compact, cost-effective yet highly functional drive.

The company says the compact size has been achieved by using integrated power electronics and surface mount technology. With intelligent protection against short circuit, motor and inverter overload, overtorque and power loss, the 3G3JV is very robust. It can differentiate between harmless momentary disturbances and damaging serious problems, riding through the former, and shutting down in the event of the latter. The programming of the drive is designed to be straightforward, with the most of the common parameters accessed via icons to give intuitive preliminary set-up. For more complex applications, a second set of advanced parameters can be accessed separately. Set-up, monitoring and diagnostics can also be accomplished via a PC.

Other features of the drive include an RS232 interface, RFI footprint filter, in-built operator and slip compensation. You also get an analogue output, S-ramp acceleration and deceleration, DC injection braking and eight preset speeds.

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