Drives entrepreneurs identify opportunity in emerging market

A new independent UK drives manufacturer, Invertek Drives, has been established near Welshpool. The entrepreneurial company will manufacture and market AC variable speed drives, and is expecting to launch its first products this month.

Founding directors Mike Carman, Charles Haspel, David Jones, Glyn Jones and Robert Wheatley believe they have identified a market opportunity based on an emerging market. Carmen explains: `The world demand for inverters is set to grow by £1 billion over the next five years. Over half of this is in Europe alone, with the UK soaking up £35 million or more.

`The majority of this forecast growth comes from drives in the 0.37kW to 15kW band, with independent observers estimating that low powered units will account for 24% of the drives market by 2002.

`This growth is accompanied by changing user needs,’ he continues. `Drives are increasingly viewed as components, particularly below 15kW where the vast majority are supplied to OEMs. The result is increasing demand for high performance drives that are simple to use and quick to set up. They must also offer easy access to, and operation of, more sophisticated but less frequently used control functions. And competitive pricing and international support are a standard requirement.’

The founders of Invertek Drives aim to bring a new approach to the drives market. Product development is being undertaken with the overriding objective of setting world beating standards for reliability, compact size and ease of use.

Carman promises users a `totally unique solution, providing unprecedented convenience for drive control’.