DRS introduces new motor line

DRS Technologies today announced the launch of a new line of high-power, high-torque, permanent magnet motors for the industrial marketplace.

The new motor line, the Cedar Series, includes motors ranging in power from 250 to over 2,000 horsepower (HP). The Cedar Series motors are available through the company’s DRS Electric Power Technologies unit in Hudson, Massachusetts, and Canopy Technologies, a Houston, Texas-based company formed by DRS and Elliott Company.

DRS says the Cedar Series motors are competitively priced and well suited for pumps, fans, well drilling systems, material feed systems, mining equipment, conveyors, hoists and offshore system applications.

The model CR32-50 radial field brushless permanent magnet motor, the first in the Cedar Series, is rated for 500 HP at 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), with a maximum speed of 3,600 rpm.

The CR32-50 is capable of producing a continuous torque of 1,300 lb.-ft. at stall speed (0 rpm). When combined with DRS’s High-Performance Drive (HD) 500, the motor can be operated at variable speeds from stall to rated speed and at a full range of torque up to its maximum continuous torque rating.

DRS says a key advantage of brushless permanent magnet motors is the significant reduction in weight and size over equivalently rated conventional electric motors.

The CR32-50 weighs approximately 500 lbs., has a width of 18.9 inches and a length of 17.3 inches, and requires approximately 5,000 cubic inches of space. A conventional motor with an equivalent rating typically would weigh over 2,500 lbs. and require over 15,000 cubic inches of space.

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