DSM introduces Somos WaterShed

DSM Somos has announced the availability of Somos WaterShed, a general-purpose resin that is said to exhibit excellent water and humidity resistance in rapid prototyping processes.

The newest ProtoFunctional innovation by DSM Somos is available for most stereolithography systems with solid state or helium cadmium laser platforms.

Many of the physical properties of WaterShed are said to match those of extrusion grade Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) and transparent grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), two common plastics used in manufacturing, making the new material very suitable for numerous automotive, electronic, medical, consumer and industrial applications.

‘Somos WaterShed provides extremely low water absorption so that part dimensions and mechanical properties are unaffected by high humidity,’ said Dan Mickish, Ph.D, R&D Manager, DSM Somos.

‘That benefit was driven by marketplace demands for a stereolithography resin that keeps its strength in all weather conditions. Current commercial materials often lose strength and ‘wilt’ in hot humid conditions,’ added Mickish.

Charlie Kaufmann, New Market Development Manager, also notes that Somos WaterShedprovides value attributes in terms of tensile strength.

‘WaterShed creates a stronger, stiffer material exhibiting excellent green strength while retaining impressive elongation properties. This is key to WaterShed performance because tensile and flexural properties usually decrease after being exposed to high humidity.’

Among the many applications seen as ideal for Somos WaterShed are brake system parts, distributor caps, fuel injection modules, grille opening panels, electronic connectors, switches and relays.

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