DTI web site brings innovation to life

Fresh thinking is the name of the game at a new web site launched by the Innovation Unit of the DTI. The content of the site (check it out at www.innovation.gov.uk) will range from giving businesses a chance to look at different aspects of some of the UK’s most successful and innovative companies, to helping the educational sector and budding entrepreneurs to understand innovation.

The site uses scoreboards, which the Innovation Unit produces annually, to allow visitors to the site to benchmark company-by-company expenditure on both research and development, and capital equipment.

The Best of British Innovation section will feature examples of innovation in action, ranging from new product development to motivational and organisational change.

Alistair Keddie, director of the Innovation Unit, says: ‘The whole idea is to encourage visitors to the site to compare their organisations with the best, and to explore new ways of thinking and doing business based on the successful practice of others.