Dutch court rules against Lindows.com

A judge in the Netherlands today granted Microsoft a preliminary injunction against desktop Linux vendor Lindows.com Inc, a decision Lindows.com plans to appeal.

‘It’s clear that Microsoft is using their army of hundreds of attorneys and billions of dollars as a battering ram to destroy any company that promotes desktop Linux,’ said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows.com Inc. ‘They were unsuccessful in the US with this tactic, so now they’re resorting to picking countries where they will find a sympathetic court.’

‘Today, US customers can purchase computers pre-installed with desktop Linux and are saving millions of dollars when compared with expensive, virus-prone software from Microsoft,’ added Robertson. ‘This ruling may delay the day when Dutch customers receive those same savings, but I can assure you that we will continue to battle to bring the benefit of choice to the Netherlands.’

According to a statement, Lindows.com products have enabled $199 PCs and $699 laptops to be widely available in the United States, where courts twice denied Microsoft’s requests for a preliminary injunction against Lindows.com.

Lindow.com believes that Microsoft has been opening multiple suits in Europe in an attempt to ‘drain the resources of competitors.’ Microsoft has so far brought legal action against Lindows.com in several EU, including France, Sweden, and Finland.