Dynamic analysis of nip width now possible

Sensor Products, Inc has recently announced the release of F-NipR (Flying Dynamic Electronic Nip Analysis System), a real-time nip analysis tool.

According to Sensor Products, technicians can, for the first time, measure nip width as the sensor chain passes through the nip while the rolls are rotating at jog speeds.

Since it reveals roller skewing, inaccurate roll alignment, and crown deficiencies, F-Nip is said to be a valuable process control tool for any web-based production environment.

Any of these problems can result in uneven processing, wrinkled or mottled products, compacted sheets, excessive sheet breaks and blackening during calendering.

Nip Products Group Manager Madelene Glomsten commented, “Dynamic nip tools are particularly beneficial for rolls with interlock systems or when the cover material takes a set from static impressions.

“Combining the advantages of Pressurex with E-Nip’s real-time electronic analysis capability, F-Nip provides the ability to measure nip width while the sensor chain is riding on the felt (or other substrate) as it passes through a single nip. This represents a situation as close as possible to the actual run condition.”