Dyson invests £50m in motor manufacturing facility

Dyson has invested £50m in a new motor manufacturing facility in Singapore that is expected to generate four million digital motors (DDM) a year.

Company founder James Dyson said, ‘Building a complex motor with minute tolerances requires the precision of a fully automated production line. There is no room for error. Dyson engineers spent a year developing the lines, searching the globe for the most effective robotic equipment.  This has allowed us to double our output.”

The opening of the new Dyson-owned facility will give the company greater control over intellectual property, and production processes. It will also help Dyson meet growing demand for its DDM-powered technology from markets including the US, Japan, and China.

The new facility is expected to create 210 new jobs. Once operational, 50 robots and 22 components will be needed to produce each motor on the automated production line.