E-commerce set to motor

A survey by Gartner Group Incorporated has revealed that 32% of all American households that bought a used vehicle from September 1999 to March 2000 used the Internet in their buying process.

The survey polled 40,000 American households and showed that used vehicle buyers shop primarily online with 31% of households using the Internet to shop for their used vehicle whilst 1% made an online purchase.

Compared with last year the percentage of online used vehicle shoppers grew by almost 50%, while the percentage of online used vehicle buyers almost doubled.

American households are still less likely to use the Internet in their purchase of used vehicles compared to buying new vehicles. However, according to the survey, customers that are given strong assurances on quality and warranties will gain confidence in using the Internet to shop and buy used vehicles online.

The survey asked householders to indicate if they would use the Internet in their next used vehicle purchase. It showed that 36% of households were ‘very likely’ to use the Internet. Similarly, 44% indicated that they were ‘likely or very likely’ to use the Internet to help them purchase their next used vehicle.

In terms of online sales, 5% indicated that they are ‘very likely’ and 8% ‘likely or very likely’ to buy their next used vehicle online.

Gartner Group Incorporated are on the web at: www.gartner.com