E for ships

ShipyardXchange has launched an electronic marketplace for the European shipbuilding industry focused on the trading of equipment and services.

Owned by Aker Yards, Aker RGI, Sener Grupo de Ingenieria y Sistemas SA, Ementor ASA and Marintek, Norwegian based ShipyardXchange aims to accelerate the execution of e-Commerce for shipyards and maritime suppliers and to become the preferred industry market- and communication place for the shipbuilding industry in Europe.

Although the first version of the marketplace focuses on negotiation and procurement of goods and services, ShipyardXchange is working on broadening its offerings. In the future, the company expects that it might be able to integrate the system with CAD/CAM and ERP-/MPS-systems as well. In addition, it would like to provide life-cycle support for specific ships, so that the shipowner, classification company and others will have access to specifications, drawings and other data.

Commencing mid-September, the first requests for quotation will be placed on the portal. At first, onlysuppliers particularly selected by the yards will be invited to take part in the new procurement process. Later this year, more suppliers will be invited to join.

The system was developed in conjunction with the Norwegian consulting company Ementor ASA and the Swedish ERP vendor IFS AB (Industrial and Financial Systems).

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