E.ON helps firms go green

Power giant E.ON is helping companies go green by launching an energy product for businesses which offers 100 per cent renewable electricity

Power giant E.ON is helping companies go green by launching its EasyGreen energy product for businesses, which offers 100 per cent renewable electricity.

The electricity supplied through the EasyGreen tariff is sourced from renewable and offset sources from wind farms and hydro power stations, with a Climate Change Levy Exemption certificate.

E.ON, whose headquarters are in Coventry, announced it would match every unit of electricity used by EasyGreen customers with one supplied to the National Grid from a renewable source. In addition, E.ON will offset the carbon emissions generated from the electricity used through a partnership with Climate Care.

Peter Haigh, B2B director of E.ON’s retail business, said: ‘In recent years there has been a positive rise in environmental awareness and we all understand that using energy has an impact on the planet.
‘Many businesses now set environmental targets and so more and more companies now want to buy electricity that is generated in a more environmental friendly manner.

‘By providing renewable and offset energy, EasyGreen offers our business customers the chance to buy green electricity and so reduce their company’s impact on the environment.’

David Wellington, managing director of climate care, said: ‘EasyGreen offers businesses the opportunity to purchase renewable electricity in the UK and fund low carbon technologies around the world through Climate Care’s offset projects, making a global contribution in the fight against climate change.’