E.ON installs Bluegen gas-to-electricity generators

Ceramic Fuel Cells, a developer of high-efficiency and low-emission electricity-generation units for homes and other buildings, has sold three Bluegen gas-to-electricity generators to UK energy company E.ON.

One Bluegen will be installed in early 2011 at the E.ON training centre in Tipton, where E.ON’s Property Services department trains its staff in the installation and maintenance of gas and electrical appliances, with the other two being installed at demonstration sites.

By using ceramic fuel cells to turn natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water, Bluegen units can generate electricity far more efficiently than the current power grid, providing significant cost savings to energy bills and large carbon savings.

Each Bluegen unit can produce three times the electricity needed to power an average UK home, as well as enough heat to satisfy the average UK home’s daily needs for hot water.